Die Welt zwischen uns

Opening: Friday 17. May 2024, 18h
Finissage: Saturday 08. June 2024, 12h Artist Talk

Die Welt zwischen uns presents eight artists from Dortmund’s contemporary art scene whose works bring to light their relationship to material and materiality, explored through drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, video and installation.

Artists: Debora Ando, Andreas Drewer, Tina Dunkel,
Julian Faulhaber, David Mergelmeyer,
Fion Pellacini, Jens Sundheim,
Jessica Maria Toliver

Opening Hours: Wednesdays and Saturdays: 11 – 15h
Address: Werner Str. 2, 44388 Lütgendortmund

Parallel to the exhibition there will be two workshops.
All details: https://dortmund-kreativ.de/

Organisation: Debora Ando in cooperation with Dortmund Kreativ

Design: Gregor Molls